Top Things to do – How to Enjoy and Explore More in Tenerife

Things to do in Tenerife

There are loads more to Tenerife than just bars and nightclubs, one of the key places to see is Mount Teide.  But what is the best way to get there? well outside of school holidays, there are plenty of bargain flights to be had from many of the UK’s smaller airports for around or just over £100 return, especially if you book just as the new influx of flights for the coming year are uploaded on some of the airline flights are dirt cheap. 

A good piece of advice when you get there – is to hire a car –  they are inexpensive and it’s a great opportunity to see your way all over the island.  The South of the island is definitely the best for temperatures.  The tourist towns like Las Americas are cheap but not really for families. We would recommend Los Christanos, which is next door, it has developed quite a lot over 30 years but in recent times, I think its mellowed out.  There are some great affordable restaurants here.

A great activity to do whilst here is to get a boat out- this is a brilliant opportunity to go dolphin and whale spotting if you have never done this before.  Some boats charge basic rates if you don’t spot any sea life on your trip. Scuba diving is another perfect activity and if your still feeling adventurous then there is also scuba diving and even kite surfing!  If you love culture then head to Santa Cruz – this is the capital of the island. Here you’ll find museums and theatres. You’ll get to see so much more by hiring a car that you would be unlikely to see without in a short time frame.

One of the oldest villages on the island is Garachico, very pretty and the scenery is quite dramatic on your way t get there. At the north east end of the island are the Onaga Mountains – it’s quite green here as you are at higher altitudes.  If you’re feeling touristy there is Sian Park. And finally The National Park of Mount Teide – mazing contrast of desert and with a winter touch. At the top of Teide on a clear day you can see all 7 Canary Islands, and of course there is the cable car!  So much to see on a beautiful diverse island – perfect for the ideal sun getaway.

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