🏇Horse Riding in Tenerife🌴 Adventures & Things to Do

Want an exciting activity to do? Horse riding in Tenerife is just that and it’s also a unique way to see more of this stunning island.

There are many horse riding schools in Tenerife and if you want something for all the family to enjoy then it’s well worth the experience.

You will go off the to the countryside, which itself is like having another holiday with new and panoramic places to visit along your trip.

horse riding adventure tenerife

If you are new to horse riding in Tenerife then don’t worry, the horse riding schools cater for all levels of riders, from the expert to the first timer!

tenerife horse ride

Horse Riding in Tenerife – What Treks Are Available?

Beginner Treks: For the first timer or those who may of done a few rides over the years. Here you will have more trainers leading you along the ride with routes less demanding so you can enjoy the ride without all the technical side of things.

Intermediate Treks: For those who regularly horse ride, can control their horse and be able to trot. You will also take on more complex routes which is a good way to get more of the beaten track and see more of Tenerife.

Advanced Treks: Perfect for horse riders who can gallop, trot and canter around various routes which require skill and knowledge.

Horse Riding in Tenerife – What to Expect

The horses here in Tenerife are very much loved, friendly and confident on the treks so you will no doubt be making a new friend.

Normally you will have a choice of trek times, around 2 per day as the horses do need to rest and grab their dinner!

A morning and late afternoon ride are usually available, avoiding the mid afternoon heat.

Rides in Tenerife normally last around an hour and a half, with learning, health and safety and routes discussed before you leave the stables.

Children are very welcome to try the horse riding with ponies also on hand and ages normally start at 4 years old for children to ride.

There is a weight limit for horse riding and this is normally set at 16.5 Stone. It is advised to wear appropriate clothing for the ride, flip flops can be left at your hotel for this one!

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