Christmas Holidays in Tenerife 2019 – Cheap Deals and Discounts!

November and December are great months to be in Tenerife, and if you happen to be here during Christmas and New Year, as many holidayers make it a point to be, you’ll love the blue skies, swaying palms, and gentle weather with daytime temperatures in the range of 23-35 degree Celsius.
And yet, a White Christmas is a distinct possibility here. You could be in the snows of Mount Teide in the morning and at the beach swaying to cool music and enjoying the various attractions that make Christmas such a festive occasion in Tenerife.

tenerife holidays christmas

If you’re lucky, you may actually see a snowman on the beach…brought down from Mount Teide. This isn’t an everyday occurrence. If you get a chance, then do enjoy sunbathing on Tenerife beach on Christmas Day, and take in the views of snowy Mount Teide.

Christmas Celebrations in Tenerife

The towns of Tenerife celebrate Tenerife with much gaiety. You can enjoy live bands and carols at La Laguna, Santa Cruz, and the other bigger towns where you can really enjoy the Christmas buzz at night.

The nativity scenes that adorn shop windows and storefronts can range from simple ones to complex decorative tableaus with complex moving parts. Visit Town Halls, because the best nativity displays are to be found here.

Christmas is a family affair in the Canary Islands. Restaurants and hotel dining may not be available on Christmas eve in the smaller resorts, but you’re assured of a gala time in places such as Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas. The southern areas of Tenerife are livelier, and you’ll find British pubs and bars hosting Christmas-themed events.
Book your holidays early to get the best hotel deals. You can also avail discounts on flight and hotel offers for Christmas holidays in Tenerife right up to Christmas.
There are many resorts that host traditional Christmas turkey dinners and you can have a really great Christmas evening here with family and friends.
The turron is the traditional Canary Islands treat to be enjoyed during Christmas. These cakes made from almonds, figs, and eggs are a regional specialty.
Head to the port area in Tenerife to enjoy a free concert by the Tenerife Musical Orchestra.
Do you know that Christmas celebrations in Spain last for a longer period than they do in the U.K? On January 5th, there’s a splendid parade to welcome the three Kings who carried gifts for Jesus Christ.

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